I am a retired priest in the Diocese of Tennessee. Since January 2019, I have been assisting Father Wesley Arning at St. James the Less Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Tennessee. This means I get to enjoy being a priest without doing all of the hard work. During the quarantine of the pandemic my wife and I celebrate The Holy Eucharist Monday through Friday at 7:30 a. m. central time on my Facebook Page (search Randy Hoover-Dempsey)

I am married to Kathy Hoover-Dempsey (World’s Most Understanding Wife) and we have three children, all of whom are married, and eight grandchildren. We are blessed to be in an arms-open-in-welcome, loving, and stable church family. I love Jesus and all the strange turns my life has taken because of my growing relationship with God.

In no particular order I enjoy reading, fishing, playing music, woodworking, working in the yard, chess, astronomy, all kinds of science, drawing, walking, and learning new things. Also, I love to keep up with our grandchildren and all of their exploits. Where did all this come from and where is it going?